The Modern Maya


Fernando Puc Ché & his wife & child share a hammock. Chichimila, 1976


I first visited Yucatán in 1967. I returned in 1969 with the idea of spending several months documenting the living Maya in the style of the Life Magazine "Day in the Life" series. However, the more I got involved in the project, the more I realized, that in order to give an idea of their lives, I needed to span a period of at least a year. One year led to another, and in the end, the project wasn't published until 1991. "The Modern Maya" (Univ. of New Mexico Press) chronicles nearly twenty years in the lives of seven families that accepted me into their lives and introduced me to their communities. They shared their hopes, dreams, disappointments and triumphs. The book is the story of my friends, and a culture that produced the greatest civilization of the Americas.


Milperos and Maize - The Foundation of a Culture
Chicleros - A Season in the Jungle
The Changing Role of a Maya Woman
Henequen - The Decline of an Industry
Cowboys - Corn to Cattle
The Cruzob - The Rebel Maya


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