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Current Exhibitions
Below the Equator: Recent Photographs, Opening April 29 5-7 pm,
Exhibit April 27 - July 20th, 2006,
Ro Snell Gallery, Hotel Andalucia, Santa Barbara, California.

Mani Wall and A Sacred Geography featuring fine artwork by Mary Heebner and Macduff Everton with sonnets by Sienna Craig,
June 11-September 10, 2006, UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History

China: Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic (Aperture show & book)




“Macduffish, Evertonian, Evertonlike, Macduffy.


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The landscape spreads out from our vantage point, low and flat and topped by perfect little clouds. Macduff Everton’s photographs have given us a name for this type of landscape. As sleazy parts of L.A. Belong to Raymond Chandler’s vocabulary, so do the immense spaces of the United States now have a translator.

An early champion of the work, Andy Grundberg wrote, “Macduff Everton updates travel photography in the same way that Ansel Adams updated 19th century photography of the West. He captures strange and eloquent moments in which time, and the world, seem to stand still.” These are moments when the weather is about to happen — or not. When some activity is about to get under way. Or not.

It is no small trick, seducing us into the scene, particularly the undramatic but exquisitely rendered landscape of an unidentified field or meadow or verbank. These deceptively simple images lure us into thinking that within the elongated borders of the photography is an actual vista. This is Everton’s paradox: the absolute elegance of the scene observed belies the rigorous formalism of his photography. He makes it look easy, and he makes it look gorgeous — a perfect Evertonian moment."

Janet Borden, Janet Borden Inc., NYC

These images, and many more, are available in limited editions.
Each image is available in the following editions and paper sizes:

16x20 edition of 25
30x40 edition of 10
30x60 edition of 5
8 foot long edition of 3

Macduff is represented by the following galleries:

Janet Borden, Inc.
560 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
T: 212.431.0166
F: 212.274.1679

Kathleen Ewing Gallery
3615 Ordway Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016
phone: 202-328-0955
fax: 202-986-0448

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